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About Us

Why we created Ticket Press

We’re keen runners and regularly go to gigs and ‘days out’. Whilst booking onto different events and gigs we noticed a real mix in the quality of booking systems online, especially for smaller events, and thought “we could build something better than this”... so we did.

Our lead developer, David Farmer, produced the vast majority of the Ticket Press code over a period of around two years. During this time we have continuously revised the code and design of the administration panel, introducing new features and technologies as they came along. If we weren't such perfectionists, we probably could have launched the software much sooner, but it’s in our blood as runners to try and get the best performance out of the system.

David graduated from Staffordshire University in 2003 with a degree in Interactive Multimedia. Since then, he’s been fortunate enough to work for some great SME’s including several high-turnover ecommerce stores and work with some talented people at some of the UK’s leading web design agencies. Ticket Press is the outcome of David’s experience and it’s features are based on what is most commonly asked for by clients when they talk to web agencies (hence the comprehensive feature list).

David’s CV and references are available upon request.