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Ticket Press Features List

Our tailor-made ecommerce system is perfectly suited for the sale of tickets and merchandise...

Digital Ticket Ecommerce

Under the hood you’ll find a whole range of perfectly crafted features that enable online ticket sales for events small (less than 100 guests) and large (30,000 guests).

Event Entry System

If you need to capture specific customer data for an event such as date-of-birth, job title, fitness level, pupil name (anything!), you can use create a product/ticket that requests this information as the ticket is ordered. After being ordered, you can export the order information in an Excel document.

Date & Seat Booking System

If you have an event in a seated venue, you can load in your floor plan and book-out already reserved seats. New online orders then book seats from front-to-back on a ‘best available’ basis (grouping seats together in suitable rows or tables). The exact same floor plan can be reused for different dates and times.

Merchandise Sales

In addition to ticket sales, you can also sell physical goods with stock management and charge shipping if needed. This may open-up new revenue streams and helps to keep everything on the same platform if needed at launch or required in future.

QR Code Tickets

After buying a ticket the customer can print off their ticket (if you enable it). The ticket is generated as a PDF and features an encoded QR code. Staff can scan the QR code to validate the ticket.

Door Staff PIN and Scan

Using any modern mobile phone with camera (android, apple, microsoft of blackberry), the QR code can be scanned by door staff who enter a secure PIN (you can have as many PINs as you like). The device is then enabled (PIN only needed once), and the status of the ticket is displayed; good (green), scanned before (yellow) or invalid (red).

Product Variations

Our product variations tool allows you to very quickly set-up a drop-down box where the customer chooses their preferred date and/or time (or size/colour if a physical product). Each variation can have a different price and stock level. These variations can then be tied to a floor plan.

Product Configurator

Individual products (tickets or physical goods) can be merged together to create a configurable product. This can be a pre-defined list of items (perhaps a ticket that includes parking and VIP extras) or a 'pick and mix' product where some items are fixed, but others are optional and can be added at a special price.

Product Custom Form Builder

The custom form builder allows you to create a custom form for every product on the website that can accept information specific to the purchase of the item (eg. attendee name and job title, or product personalisation). This information is then visible in the administration panel, on order emails and can be exported as an Excel document.

Product Specification / Results List

You can create a specification (or results) table by pasting in a comma separated list of values and let our system format it into a nicely presented table automatically.

Product Add-ons

Product Add-ons are reusable lists of options that usually are not dependant on stock levels. For example, if you wished to add food and drink choices onto tickets you would create one list of options and then attach it to all applicable products (add-ons are optional to the customer and can have added costs).

Serial Numbers

If you need to enter unique serial numbers (or automatically generate them) for your tickets our system can handle this. Serial numbers could be stub numbers, racer numbers or race chip numbers (anything really).

Image Resizing

All images loaded into the system are automatically resized and cropped to fit their available spaces. This means you don't have to worry about getting images perfectly sized multiple times, you just upload one image (about the right size) and our system does the rest for you.

Image Gallery

Products can have multiple images in a gallery, and if desired, different images for the category and product pages. We can also enable a super-zoom gallery if required so customers can focus in on any detail.

Stock Management / Availability

If required you can enable stock management on specific products so that the quantity available is reduced as payment is received/products are ordered.

Form Builder

Create enquiry forms on web pages and change the form fields at any time. Enquiries save to the database and can be downloaded in an Excel document.

Product Map / Route Map (KML)

Product pages can show a venue location (map with a simple marker) or a course/route if you upload a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file from a GPS based sports watch (if your watch doesn't provide KML other formats can be converted).

Related Items

Products (events or physical goods) can be cross-linked to related items to better the customers experience and to help encourage more sales and increase your average order value.

Product Videos and Downloads

Each product can display a selection of videos and downloads to give the user valuable insights into an event or more information on a product.

Product Decals

Product decals give you the ability to add badges/icons to products for promotion or information purposes. Common decals are 'On Sale', 'Recommended' or 'Last Few Available'. Decals are custom to your design.

Tiered Categories

Our ecommerce solution supports an unlimited number of categories and subcategories. Customers can choose how to sort products within categories and choose the number of results per page.

Category Filters

Create product filters to allow customers to refine products displayed in categories or search results by fields of your choice (e.g. filter by size and/or colour). Each filter combination builds a user-friendly URL so links to filtered products can be easily shared.

Site Search

A search box allows customers to quickly search products based on a keyword. Results can be sorted by the customer and the numbers of results per page can be changed (as on category pages).

Ajax Search Suggest

As customers search on the website suggested products appear in real-time to ‘skip’ a page. Suggested items can also be added to the shopping basket directly from the suggestion list.

Ajax Add to Basket

Customers can seamlessly add items to the basket from category pages without the need to visit individual product pages (unless items need configuration or personalisation).

Ajax Mini Basket

A mini basket can be displayed on every page of the website and (via Ajax) customers can update quantities and remove items in real-time without the need to visit the basket page.

Intelligent Shopping Basket

Some items can be marked as POA (price on application) if the customer has any of these items in their basket it automatically disables the checkout and displays an enquiry form. The basket also assumes the customer is based in your country (as most will be) so estimated shipping costs can be displayed.

Guest Checkout

For better ecommerce conversion rates a checkout as guest feature is available so the customer doesn't have to register for an account (this feature can be disabled if you would prefer).

Customer Sign In

Using secure one-way password encryption customers can register and sign in to their account are and pre-fill their details in the checkout. A forgotten password feature is included as standard.

Social Sign In

The end-customer can also sign in using Twitter, GooglePlus or Facebook (nominal additional costs will apply if you require us to sign up for the API keys on your behalf).

Customer Account Area

Customers that choose to register are given access to an account area where they can change their details, view and print previous orders (PDF), download tickets (PDF) and download any after purchase 'unlocked' downloads.

Secure Checkout (SSL)

The checkout, administration panel and account area can be SSL secured (any type of SSL certificate including 'Green Bar' EV-SSL is compatible). SSL must be enabled on your hosting prior to the system being installed.

Discount Codes

Discount codes can be set up with one time use or multiple use and can give a fixed cash or percentage discount. Additional rules can also be created to give a product away free of charge as long as a different product is present in the basket (e.g. buy Product A, get Product B free). Single use codes can also be download so you can see which have been redeemed (and if required, provide a list of codes to a printing company or mailing software).

Payment Integration

The system is compatible with leading payment gateway providers including SagePay, PayPoint, CardSave and WorldPay. PayPal can also be added as a secondary option. Additional payment gateways can also be installed (subject to additional costs).

Alternative Payment Methods

Customers can also pay (if you enable it) with cash, telephone payment, invoice, cheque or other forms of 'offline' payment. We can set these up at the start of your project free of charge.

Branded Order Update Emails

Our system automatically sends the customer a branded email containing information on their order. The first is sent when the order is placed (order confirmation), a second is sent when the order is dispatched.

Branded PDF Invoice

The customer can download a formatted PDF of their order details to print and keep for their records. This PDF is professionally presented and branded with your logo and colours.

After-Purchase Downloads

Upon purchasing a product the customer can be presented with one or more downloads when viewing the order in their Account Area. These could be fact-sheets or 'how to find us' instructions (anything you like).

Customer Management

Customers can be edited (or created) in the administration panel allowing you to quickly change their password or check their settings. You can also choose to 'sign in' as the customer or resend the welcome email.

Order Management

Easy to user order processing that allows you to quickly mark goods as dispatched (if required) and add tracking information for the customers reassurance.

Dashboard Graphs

In the administration panel you can specify a date-range and view sales and enquiry totals in graph-form in order to track your websites success over time.

Product Reports

Via the administration panel you can download a list of customers who have purchased a specific product (this can double-up as a delegates list for ticket sales).

Order Reports

You can run reports on sales to quickly see total sales, average order value and total value for any date range of your choice.

Royalty Reports

Products can be assigned to a supplier and a fixed cost or royalty percentage can be entered so that commissions/royalty earnings can be calculated. Our royalty reports allow you to enter a date range and tally-up the total earnings.

Tax Reports

A breakdown of any taxes charged can be calculated for a given date range. This simple report can help you to keep track of your accounting.

Affiliate System

Affiliates (advertising partners) can place special links to your website and earn a commission on any sales generated from referred traffic. Links from other websites to your own is a great boost for SEO, and can help to raise awareness, affiliate earnings can give other website owners an incentive.

Affiliate Payment Reports

Simply enter a date range and you can calculate affiliate earnings for all applicable sales for this period. You can then mark displayed orders as 'paid' so you don't pay the affiliate twice.

Inventory Management

Creating products and categories (and related inventory items) is really straight-forward and by combining different features you can create a mixture of different product configurations.


To quicken the initial population of the website you can duplicate products, categories and web pages. Simply set up your first product 'just right' and duplicate it and tweak information rather than starting from scratch.

SEO Management

Meta tag data is automated, but you can manually override this on all products, categories, web pages, blog posts and blog categories (all content managed sections of the website).

URL Rewriting

Our solution uses nice clean URL's that help SEO and ensure your links in search engines appear neat-and-tidy. You can also choose preferred url's for products to specify canonical URLs (good for SEO).

Menu Management

Links in menus and their sequence can be quickly edited in the administration panel without any technical knowledge allowing you to grow your website navigation over time.

Webpage Editor

New information pages can be added to your website and can be set to appear in specific menus. The web page editor is an online HTML editor giving you some control over text format and spacing.

Case Studies

Case studies can be created and assigned to appear on specific web pages (can studies can have a slightly unique layout so they are lifted off the page and standout from the content).

Photo Galleries

You can create photo galleries and attach them to webpages. Each gallery can contain multiple photographs and zoom features can be enabled.

Push Alerts

You can create a push-style alert so that a message can appear to users who visit your website for the first time since the alert was created (this may help if there is important information you do not want visitors to miss, such as a change in opening hours or similar).

Video Gallery

You can create groups of videos (youtube or vimeo) and embed them on a videos page on your website and attach to product pages.

Banner Manager

Banners displayed throughout your website will be managed via the administration panel allowing you to add new, edit and remove adverts as and when needed.

File Downloads

Downloads can be listed on any information page and linked to specific products. The system can also have a dedicated downloads page that lists all files.

Block Builder

Our 'Block Builder' function (if used in your design) allows re-usable panels of content to be assigned to any information page. This can allow you to create interesting information page layouts without touching any HTML code.

FAQ Smart Search

Our FAQ system allows users to type in a question or keywords and relevant FAQ entries will display. Specific words are ignored, such as 'and', 'what', 'if' etc. as to not show irrelevant results, then secondary words are part-ignored to encourage the most relevant results to show first.

FAQ Directory

All FAQs can be displayed in a dedicated FAQ page and each individual FAQ has its own page that can have a youtube video embeded. This is a great boost for SEO as it adds relevant content to your website.

FAQ Response

Our system allows customers to ask a question via a form on the website. Via the administration panel you can respond to the question which will then automatically email the customer the response and optionally publish the question with answer to the website.

Event Calendar

Our system features an event calendar (can show on a dedicated page and/or in the sidebar) that allows specific dates to be highlighted and link through to any page (can be a product or blog post etc.).

Blog / News

Our system features a fully featured blog with featured images, categories, posts, post galleries, archives and sidebar.

Blog Comment Response

Customers can comment on blog posts, and similar to our FAQ response, you can respond to comments via the administration panel. This will show as a reply on the website and automatically respond to the customer via email.

Related Blog Content

Blog posts can be 'related' to products, categories and other blog posts so shortcuts to relevant information can be quickly found by the end-user (this could be further event information or updates on events).

Sidebar Manager

A selection of pre-built sidebar widgets will be available for you to assign to information pages and the blog area (e.g. the event calendar, a list of blog categories, blog archives, latest news etc.).

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges and priorities can be entered into the website administration panel (if required). The shipping charge matrix can be based on total spend or weight, and each country and priority can have a different fee (specific priorities, such as 'next day' can also be disabled for specific countries).

Tax Rates

You can set up multiple tax classes and each country can have its own rates. Each product then links to a tax class and any applicable taxes are calculated during checkout (some products can be tax free).

Image Cache and Compression

Images uploads via the administration panel forms are resized automatically and cached by the server to ensure speedy delivery of pages without adding to the server load.

Optimised via Cache

Database queries (where applicable) are cached to quicken the website and to increase it's maximum load. This technology ensures less strain is placed on the server when you traffic levels are at their highest.

Optimise via Memcache

Database caching can be further quickened through the use of Memcache. This server-side technology will need enabling on your hosting solution and our platform can be configured to use it (may be subject to a small set-up fee).

Integrated Mailing Lists

Email newsletter subscribers can be assigned to specific mailing lists so you can send targetted email marketing via our Batch Email Tool.

Batch Email Tool

Our Batch Email Tool can send bulk HTML and plain text emails to your mailing lists, and for server security you can send via a third-party email server (custom SMTP). You can have multiple email templates loaded into our solution and can be branded to suit your website design.

Single Email Tool

You can send a single branded email to a specific email address without the need to use an email client (like Outlook).

Multiple Administrators

The administration panel can be accessed by multiple staff members and their access can be limited to just certain pages. Administrators can also be deleted at any time.

Configuration Editor

Your website will have a range of settings loaded into its configuration, such as payment gateway usernames, social network details and contact information. All of these settings can be changed via our configuration editor.

System Compatibility Check

Should you move the website from one server to another, or upgrade your hosting. Our administration panel gives you a quick run-down of common server-side settings required to run your website smoothly.

Twitter Feed

A Twitter feed can display your latest Tweets along the footer (we use server-side code so the content can be read by search engines - better for SEO).

Social Links

Links to your social network profiles can be added to the website, and social sharing tools such as AddThis or ShareThis can also be quickly added.

Open Graph Tags

Our platform pre-populates Open Graph tags with product or blog post information so any social shares display more relevant information.

Relational Database

Under the hood our solution is powered by a smartly designed relational database. This means data is easy to extract, merge and restore (if needed). It also makes the database faster than some other ecommerce platforms.


Our system is crafted using HTML5. This is the latest format and we guarantee cross-browser compatibility with the latest browsers.


Our system uses responsive HTML/CSS that gives your customers a better experience when using desktops, tablets or mobiles. Responsive websites generally rank higher in Search Engines when customers use mobile search.

Whole Catalogue POA

You can quickly set the website to hide pricing of products from the general public (if needed) so that only members and/or trade-accounts can view pricing and checkout. Non-registered accounts can only enquire.

Customer Groups

Create customer groups and restrict specific categories from view (allowing you to create account-specific categories).

Trade Application Form

Allow end-users to register for customer accounts that can view pricing/products. Mark them as ‘awaiting approval’, and activate the new accounts via the administration panel.

Account Based Discounts

Give specific customers percentage discounts of 'groups' of items listed together in discount bands (e.g. 'Trade Accounts get 5% discount on Band A, 10% on Band B').

Account Specific Pricing

Give specific customer groups their own price lists (e.g. Trade Accounts get product A for £10, Trade Plus Accounts get it for £8.50). These rules apply to both product and product-variant pricing.

Quantity Discounts

Give discounts on volume to the general public and to specific customer groups (e.g. Buy 10 or more of Product A and save 10%, trade accounts get a 12% discount).