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Requirements & Installation

Hosting, licensing and project delivery

The solution requires apache (ideally linux), PHP5 and MySQL5 (very common amongst web hosting companies).

We will check your hosting environment free of charge to ensure compatibility (should you choose to host elsewhere).

Hosting Options

We work closely with both UK and US based data centres (hardware providers) and can provide first-line ‘human’ support in-front of their own technical teams.

Pricing for hosting varies depending on:

  • Traffic levels (the amount of visitors expected)
  • Storage (normally effected the most from database size / number of images)
  • Security concerns (whether a dedicated firewall is required)
  • Speed desires (if you want a really fast website better hardware can help deliver it)
  • SSL Certificate (whether needed or not, and if so, which kind)
  • Email storage volume (though this can be run through a third party like Google Mail if required)

Just talk to us to discuss options.


The software is licenced for use on two domain names (one live and one development).