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Terms of Sale

Ticket Press terms and conditions


“Supplier” the providers of the software Ticket Press.
“Customer” a person or company who commissioned a project with the Supplier.
“Project Proposal” an outline of the software's features and services to be provided from the Supplier.
“Software” the Ticket Press software solution.
“Agreement” the contract entered upon accepting a Proposal Proposal and the Customer paying a deposit.


These terms and conditions shall apply to each and every agreement between the Supplier and Customer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.

Project Proposal

Prior to commissioning a project the Customer will be given a Project Proposal from the Supplier. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that all required functionality is outlined in the Project Proposal. Changes to the Project Proposal after commissioning the project will incur additional costs.

Limited Warranty and Remedy for Defects

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the software and any future upgrades carried out by the Supplier meet the Customer’s requirements.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the software operates in a way that is in-keeping with any laws, trading standards or best practices that may affect the Customer.
Software provided directly from the Supplier can be provided with a limited warranty, if this is included with the Software it will be outlined in the Project Proposal.

Software Development Service

The Supplier will develop and/or carry out amendments and upgrades to the Software as specified in the Project Proposal.

Software Installation and Licence

The Supplier will install the Software onto the customer’s hardware (hosting) or provide hosting for an additional fee (see Hosting Service below).
The Customer is responsible for ensuring their hardware is compatible with the Software though the Supplier will assist free of charge in identifying any issues prior to the project being commissioned.
The Software is licensed for use on two domain names (a domain pair). A domain pair can consist of a development domain name for internal use and a public-facing live domain name, the Software is sold on this basis.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the licensing restrictions are suitable for the Software’s intended use.

Supporting Materials

Supporting materials created by the Supplier for training and/or demonstration purposes are subject to change and are likely to change at any time. Customers are welcome to download this material at any time for their own safekeeping and future use.

Delivery, Testing & Acceptance

Any delivery dates suggested by the Supplier are not guaranteed (they are estimates only).
The Supplier will provide a preview version of the Software prior to installation.
The Customer is responsible for testing the preview version of the Software prior to installation.
The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Software meets his or her own requirements.
The Customer will be prompted by the Supplier to test the Software. The Customer must request installation after testing. If the Customer chooses not to test the Software they will be deemed to have accepted it.
Once the Supplier has installed the Software is is deemed accepted by the Customer and the Customer cannot reject it.


If requested the Supplier can provide training for the Software at an agreed cost. Training may be included as part of the Project Proposal.

Support Packages

Any support provided by the Supplier gives general advice and assistance to the Customer relating to the operation of the Software via telephone and email.
Support will only be provided in respect of the Ticket Press Software.
If any payments owed to the Supplier are overdue, Support will be suspended.
Support is not indefinite and will cease after the limited warranty expires (as outlined in the Project Proposal).
Both the support and limited warranty can be extended subject to agreeing costs with the Supplier.

Hosting Service

A specification of the hosting service, if required, will be provided in a Hosting Proposal.
The Suppliers hosting service is provided via a third party (a subcontractor) and will be subject to their terms and conditions. The Supplier reserves the right to change subcontractors.
Hosting is sold as an annual subscription and is paid for annually (unless in writing from the Supplier).
The cost of the Hosting Service varies per Customer and will vary to each Customer year-on-year.
The Customer must give one month notice should they wish to terminate the hosting subscription.
If any payments owed to the Supplier are overdue, Hosting will be suspended.

Charges and Payments

Payment terms will be outlined in the Project Proposal.
The Customer shall pay any outstanding project balance due prior to installation.
Any monthly support or maintenance costs will be paid for a month in advance.

Access to Information

The Customer will provide the Supplier access to third party systems if requested to do so in order for the Supplier to deliver the project in keeping with the Project Proposal.

Customer Obligations

The Customer shall operate the Ticket Press Software in an ethical and prudent manner and only grant access to the administration panel to competent end users.
The Customer is responsible for taking their own backups of the Software and its database. The Supplier has no obligation to operate or provide a backup system.

Indemnity and Liability

The Supplier is not liable under any circumstances for any loss of the Customer’s data, loss of profits or contracts, or any other indirect or consequential loss whatsoever.
The Supplier will use all reasonable endeavours to address and correct faults in the Software if identified by the Customer, but no guarantee is given by the Supplier that such faults will be capable of correction.

Contract and Law

The Customer can not sell the Software to a third party without the Supplier's written consent. Agreements between the Customer and Supplier shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England.